Elephant Care

The volunteer program at MEF plays a big role in running the sanctuary. International volunteers contribute to the daily tasks involved in caring for the elephants and help to continue developing MEF as a charity organization.

Volunteers each work with one elephant and its mahout(s) for the duration of their stays. Volunteers help care for their elephants by keeping track of their feeding patterns, preparing the elephant vitamin balls, completing a daily veterinary check, washing their elephant, cleaning the elephant beds, and various other tasks. The gardens at MEF, which grow food and medicinal herbs for the elephants and people living on the estate, are also maintained by the volunteers. Volunteers are also involved with various projects that help manage the sanctuary grounds, raise funds, and create awareness about the state of both captive and wild elephants in Sri Lanka

Outside the sanctuary, volunteers get involved in the local community by teaching English to both children and adults year round.

Volunteer Daily Routine

7.30 AM

Preparing elephant vitamins and medications

8.00 AM

Feeding elephant medicines and vitamins and elephant veterinary check

8.30 AM

Clean free roaming enclosure and organize enrichment for the elephants

9.00 AM

Breakfast at Colonial house

10.00 AM

Elephant bathing and cleaning river bank

11.00 AM

Cleaning elephant night beds

12.00 PM


2.00 PM

Lunch break. Served at 1.00 PM

2.00 PM

Paper factory tour or onsite garden tour learning about Ayurveda medicines and plants

3.00 PM


5.00 PM

Project work (Can include echo gardening, painting improvements to foundation, recycling)

5.00 PM


6.00 PM

Time for showers and get changed etc

6.00 PM

Dinner Served

Note: Given above is our 01-day program it is modified according to the length of the stay of the volunteer