At Millennium Elephant Foundation, it currently costs approximately ****** rupees ($)

Per elephant, per day to keep them at MEF by renting from their owner, feeding and mahout wages. This doesn't include the cost of additional medical treatments. You have the opportunity to play an important part in helping to promote the welfare of Asian elephants in Sri Lanka by becoming a member of MEF by adopting one or all of our elephants for you or a friend.

Adopting an elephant from Millennium Elephant Foundation would make a lovely unique gift for a friend or relative.At the same time you are also helping us to promote our charity further afield. Your adoption payment goes directly into funding the elephants upkeep, vitamins and medicines to improve their lives.

As a member of MEF you will receive

  • Free admission to MEF for one year

  • Customized hand drawn elephant dung paper greeting card.

  • Adoption certificate printed on elephant dung paper.

  • Introductory letter from MEF’s president

  • Information sheets about MEF ,elephant facts and MEF projects.

  • Elephant fact sheet and photo of your adopted elephant with details about their history and personality traits.

  • All this comes in a recycled elephant dung folder.

Adoption Membership fees

Adopt an elephant one year

Rs ***/*** $

Adopt all elephants one year

Rs ***/*** $