At present we are unable to take payment for bookings online or over the phone.

Pre-bookings need to be made at least 12 hours in advance, if it’s within 12 hours please call Jade on +94769008388.

If you haven’t received the pre-booking email on arrival, please advise the ticket office you have made a booking via the website so they can locate your booking at the ticket desk, and this way they will give you a discount.

You can secure your volunteer placement or your Elephant Walk Experience by booking online.

We do not take pre-booking slots for the elephant riding as it is something we are trying to phase out at Millennium Elephant Foundation, to become a non-riding venue and improve the welfare of our elephants. We only offer limited elephant rides on a first come first serve basis and you may be subject to delays up to 2 hours on our busier days (Usually January & August)

To secure your visit and to guarantee an allocated slot for you to spend as much interactive time with the elephants Please choose the Elephant Walk Experience  or the Volunteer Program and fill out the booking form.

If you are unsure about which option is right for you and you would like some more information on supporting our change in Elephant Tourism please email

We hope that by getting up close and personal with these amazing creatures and learning about them in our museum that you will go away with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Asian elephant and the work of Millennium Elephant Foundation