Dear visitor, thank you so much for viewing our visitor section, we hope that you will find it helpful and informative.

Please be assured that the income we receive from tourism contributes to the running of the Millennium Elephant Foundation. We rely on tourism to keep the place sustainable and our elephants in the best possible care.

Your entrance fees pay towards the care and upkeep of our elephants so they are not kept in worse off situations such as the logging industry or the howdah tourism industry and provide respite and care for the Pera Hera elephants.

The income from tourism and volunteers contributes towards: the elephant’s medical treatment, elephant food and the general running costs of the elephant foundation. A percentage also pays for our mobile veterinary unit which travels around Sri Lanka treating any sick or injured elephant in need.

Millennium Elephant Foundation is supported by Club Concept actively welcome visitors and we cannot thank you enough for choosing to support us today.

During your visit you may like to:
  • Try out our new and exclusive Elephant Walk Experience - our preferred alternative to the riding option
  • Participate in our one day Volunteer Program
  • Wash an elephant's back with a coconut husk!
  • Visit our on-site museum!
  • Chat with our experienced multilingual guides and volunteers
  • Feed the elephants - a plate of elephant goodies, this will further support our elephant projects (200 rupees per plate)
  • Enjoy refreshment's or a meal at the Colonial House restaurant located within the grounds
  • Observe the elephants in our free roaming enclosure
  • Or just sit back and relax and spend as much time as you like watching the elephants!
  • Free entry with your ticket to Maximus Elephant Dung Paper Factory next door
All of this (unless otherwise stated) is included in a fixed priced entry ticket.

Pre-bookings need to be made at least 12 hours in advance, if it's within 12 hours please call Jade on +94769008388.

For bookings made over 12 hours in advance, please use the Pre-Booking Form and we will respond to you concerning your reservation.

We hope that by getting up close and personal with these amazing creatures and learning about them in our museum that you will go away with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the elephant and appreciate that we must all do everything that we can to improve the welfare these magnificent animals.

Visitor Prices:
  • New and exclusive Elephant Walk Experience 5000/ (with lunch 6000/)
  • One day Volunteer Program 8500/
  • One day/one night Volunteer Program 9000/
  • Voluntourist Programme 14,450/- (includes ½ day elephant walk experience with lunch and dinner, overnight stay followed by 1 day volunteer program - perfect for those pushed for time!)
  • Entry only with no ride   1000/-
  • Entry and a short ride  2000/-
  • Entry and a medium ride   3000/-
Children (3 - 12 years) are half price and under 3’s are free. We are open from 9am till 4pm everyday. Please note that the elephants may go to bed early in heavy rain and storms.

Please note we are desperately trying to promote our alternative to riding options and aim to become a non-riding venue. We hope we can count on our tourists to make the right choice when choosing to visit our elephants. Unfortunately we cannot abolish the riding until our elephant walk numbers increase up as we rely on the income from tourism to keep the foundation sustainable and our elephants in the best possible care. If you would like any further information about this please email: and we are happy to clear up any concerns about this. Thank you so much for your support.

Alternative to Elephant Riding:

If you do not want to ride an elephant, why not book an alternative program called the Elephant Walk Experience . This is a new program that will eventually replace elephant riding; it is a much more rewarding experience, not just for you, but for our elephants too.


Salaries are very low here in Sri Lanka and our staff work long hours with minimal time off to support their families. If you have enjoyed your experience please feel free to tip our staff here at MEF or make a donation to support the elephants. We do not encourage begging, So If you should experience any member of staff asking for money, we ask you to please call one of the numbers below or ask for Jade during your visit. Alternatively report this to us by emailing with the name of the staff member, date and time of the incident. with the name of the staff member, date and time of the incident.

President MEF - Mrs Samarasinghe - 0094 777844713
MEF General Manager - Mr Sara Kanapathy - 0094 777486456
Vice President - Mr Sandith Samarasinghe - 0094 77753533

Important Notice:

All activities at MEF are closely supervised by our staff to ensure visitor safety and that no harm or stress is placed on our elephants. We practice responsible tourism, therefore you will ride the elephants bare back or on a cushion as this is best for the elephants. We do use not use a Howdah as it is a dangerous, unethical and outdated practice.

Please also note that there is NO SMOKING permitted inside the facility.


Visitors, please be aware that the elephants at MEF are not all owned by MEF, so the number of resident elephants can vary throughout the year.


We are very happy to accommodate film crews wishing to explore the issues surrounding elephants, and to interact with the animals living here. We are able to stage-manage most scenarios for film and documentary makers.

Over the years, TV studios, Movie studios, journalists and authors alike have visited MEF wishing to learn more about the plight of elephants in Sri Lanka. If you are interested in filming here please e-mail us for more details.

Below are some of the organisations who have filmed at MEF.


Colonial House is owned and managed by the Samarasinghe family, and is their family home.  At Colonial House there is a full F&B team who can cater for groups for breakfast or lunch in both Sri lankan, Western and BBQ styles for up to 150 pax.

If interested, please contact us by filling in this Form