Saliya is a male elephant who was born in captivity in 1972. He stands approximately 12ft tall. Saliya loves lying and being scrubbed in the river. His favourite foods are Kitul logs and coconut leaves.
He came to MEF from the Mahiyangana temple.

At aged 10 years old Saliya was gifted to the monk of this temple. Sadly the monk passed away and the responsibilities were passed onto Saliya’s mahouts Veejay and his son Niroshan.

Veejay has worked with Saliya for 35 years. And both mahouts are very knowledgeable and adore Saliya, they have a great relationship with him and are very respectful of each other. Saliya is one of the lucky elephants as he never has suffered any mistreatment from his owners. The mahouts take good care of him. Niroshan speaks fantastic English and all our volunteers love to work alongside him as he takes pride in building working relationships with them.

Saliya is a very gentle and friendly elephant but he sadly suffers with long periods of Musth meaning that he has to be kept separate from the other elephants during this time. Musth is a time when a male elephant has an enormous rush of testosterone and they suffer with pressure headaches causing them to be aggressive, Saliya’s Musth period lasts for 6 months at a time. Usually starting around October.

Saliya first came to MEF in 2008 happy and healthy, but because the temple did not have the facilities to house him during Musth. He returns to MEF each year from October to have his Musth period, and some respite prior to being called upon for the Pera Hera season by the Mahiyangana temple again each May.

Millennium Elephant Foundation cover all costs of Saliya during and after Musth and are happy to give this gentle giant a break from parades each year.

Our long term goal would be to have safe and secure Musth pens for all our bull elephants. By choosing to adopt Saliya your funds will not only go towards the costs of his care during his stints at MEF but will also help cover the costs of the pens. Something no other place in Sri Lanka currently have.

Saliya Saliya Relaxed Saliya 2