Ranmenika first came to MEF for free veterinary treatment for medical issues caused by stress from working under the howdah. Suffering from fibrous growths in her uterus, she is noticeably thinner than the other elephants here at MEF. Ranmenika also has a condition called Hermarthrosis. This is when blood seeps into the joint of her ankle, causing it to seize up. It is a lifelong condition.

As a child her mother abandoned Ranmenika when she fell into an agricultural well. Luckily the local villagers came to rescue her; they had dug a trench to reach the ground level. When a distressed Ranmenika finally reached the top, another elephant called Raja who was owned by one of the villagers was there to welcome her. Ranmenika and Raja became very close like brother and sister. Ranmenika was around 4-5 years of age at the time of being rescued. Like most captive elephants, when Ranmenika was old enough she went into the tourist industry, a move that was to cause her many health problems later in her life.

Below are some pictures from her agricultural well rescue and childhood.

Ranmenika about to be rescued.
Ranmenika making her way to the top.
Ranmenika being pulled to safety.
Raja welcomes Ranmenika.
Ranmenika and Raja bond.
In the river together.
Ranmenika's owner and family.

Ranmenika is a lovely cheeky elephant and is very fussy about what she eats. When it comes to medication, she won’t accept her tablets unless they are kept apart in their own dough balls. If the tablets are mixed she will spit them out. She is also notoriously naughty for stealing other elephant’s food when the mahouts are not looking. Ranmenika is a very independent elephant and does not really mingle with other elephants unless they have food to offer. Although she does have one friend, a frequent visitor called Menike who likes to hang out with her during her stay at MEF. Ranmenika has helped us kick-start our new program Elephant Walk Experience an initiative that phase out elephant riding at MEF.

If you would like to adopt Ranmenika for one year or two, please visit our adoption page


A Volunteer's Account
It was an absolute pleasure to care for Ranmenika who is such an elegant, kind and beautiful elephant. Her mahouts were friendly and very helpful.

Duane Short, England, August 2015