Although Rani is in her 30’s she is a gentle but playful elephant who came to MEF in 2002 when her owners found that it had become too difficult to pay for her upkeep. Her lovely owners regularly come to visit with lots of fruit for Rani to feast on. Rani is a very charming lady who adores her mahout (elephant helper) Chandana. Rani and Chandana tend to play lots of tricks on the volunteers who come to assist him with elephant duties!

Rani's name means "Queen", a woman of high power and is a perfect fit given the long beautiful eye lashes that frame her eyes, our very own supermodel!

Rani is a calm, sensitive and very placid elephant, and a favourite amongst the volunteers. She does however suffer from jealousy when her mahout Chandana plays with the dogs, especially when he hugs them. Rani likes her own space but also enjoys the company of visitors. At MEF Rani's best friend is Pooja, some times they walk around in the free roaming area and chill out together in the river. Rani, despite being a big girl does not like water monitors (large lizards) which sometimes swim past her in the river. Her favourite cheeky treat is lemon puff biscuits.

If you would like to adopt Rani for one year or two, please visit our adoption page

Alice & Rani

A Volunteer's Account
My time with Rani and mahout Chandana was life changing. Rani is a beautiful soul with a gentle relaxed demeanour. She truly is a sweetheart and she LOVES bath time! I am so thankful for my time at MEF!

Alice Woodward, USA, August 2015