Raja has been at MEF since February 2017 and he is the newest addition to our herd. Raja was born in 1964 and he is almost 12ft in height, he is the 2nd largest elephant we have here. Due to his size he has an extreme appetite and eats almost double what the other elephants eat!

Raja’s mahouts name is Thilanka, they have only been working together for 3 months however their bond is very special. Just like our gentle giant Raja, Thilanka is also very kind and fun to be around and works very hard making the volunteers smile and do right by Raja.

Raja spent 35 years of his life working in the gruelling logging industry and has recently retired due to his age and hardship for many years. Rajas owner cannot afford the upkeep for Raja which is why he worked for so many years, and why he has now come to retire at MEF. Raja is the most expensive elephant we have as his owners fees are almost double our other resident elephants.

Raja now enjoys regular grazing hours and walks in the rice paddies, the elephant walk experience and plenty of time flirting with Pooja in the river and the free roaming area. So MEF are proud be providing such an alternative lifestyle for him.

If you would like to contribute towards the care and food of Raja please choose him as your adoptive elephant. We would be grateful of your support.

Raja Raja Raja and Pooja