Pooja was the first elephant born to a domesticated elephant (Lakshmi) in Sri Lanka. She was born at MEF on the 5th of August 1986, weighing 64kg and 51cm tall. Although Pooja who is now in her 30's, she is still considered by all at MEF team to be the baby of the elephant residents!

If you would like to adopt Pooja for one year or two, please visit our adoption page

Below are some restored images of her birth.

Lakshmi and Kandula concieve.

Amniotic sac appears.

Amniotic sac now out.

Mahouts help free Pooja.

Her father was a working elephant named Kandula who sadly died in an accident, but she has inherited his crooked tail and huge appetite, she is rarely seen without food! Pooja has a wilful disposition and enjoys splashing about in the river and generally getting a lot of attention from her mahout and the other elephants, she loves to have a cuddle with her mummy Lakshmi and she is best friends with Rani.

Checking Pooja is okay.

Pooja and mum Lakshmi.

Pooja in her play pen.

Pooja cuddling Lakshmi.

Pooja and her mother Lakshmi are very close. When they are not bonding in the free roaming area you can sometimes spot Pooja copying her mothers movements. Lakshmi is a bit of a diva and is not very tolerant around other elephants at the foundation as she can be very jealous. However, Pooja is an exception, Lakshmi does not mind seeing Pooja getting favourable attention.

Pooja and mum Lakshmi bonding.

Pooja feeding her mum Lakshmi.


Beautiful Pooja when she was a child playing in the river.
Holly, Fern and Pooja

A Volunteer's Account
Our time with Pooja was incredible and such an amazing experience. Roshan was very trusting and a great source of information.

Holly Needham & Fern Higgins, England, August 2015