Menike has been coming to visit the foundation on and off for over 31 years. Over the years she has become very good friends with Lakshmi and even acted as an auntie to Pooja. When Menike was 18 she became pregnant by a male elephant called Kandula. Lakshmi and Menike both got pregnant around the same time, unfortunately Menikes baby was a still born. Despite this tragedy Menike grew even closer with Lakshmi and was active in helping raise Pooja.

Menike is guessed to have been born in 1975, she was taken from the jungle when she was around 10 years old. Her entire captive life has been spent with the mahout she has now, a man called Abbey and in 2014 his son, Sumudu joined their team. The three of them have a very close bond.

Menike spent 25 years working in the logging industry, working for several months at a time then taking rest, sometimes at MEF. In 2016 she spent a year working in the tourism industry doing the elephant walk experience with another organization. Menike most recently joined our MEF family in October 2017 and her owners have decided that they ae happy to retire her here. Menike now spends her days in the FRA with her friends Lakshmi and Pooja as well as relaxing in the river. We are so happy to have our newest resident, it has been very nice for Lakshmi and Pooja getting to reconnect with their old friend.

Despite having a long work history Menike has remained very healthy and strong. At 8 feet tall and 8,000lbs she is one of our roundest girls.

Menike goes to a few PeraHeras a year, only ones she can walk to as she refuses to get on lorry’s. The farthest Perahera she participates in is the Kandy PeraHera each year.

If you would like to contribute towards the care of Menike please choose him as your Adoptive Elephant. We would be grateful of your support.