Jade O’Mahony – Project Manager

Jade has been with Millennium Elephant Foundation for 2 years. She is a hard worker with an amazing can do attitude and relentless energy. Carminie Samrasinghe (the founder) refers to Jade as "the Dynamite the place needs". Former volunteer in 2012, couldn't wait to get back in 2015. Also an extensive traveller, Sri Lanka is the longest place she has ever resided and now refers to MEF as home. Jade is dedicated to moving the project forward, increasing the number of volunteers and raising awareness of the Elephant Walk Experience.

Ryan Juss – Volunteer Coordinator

Ryan from Canada is a previous business owner and a successful entrepreneur. He has both extensive decision making and management experience. A long term traveler visiting over 40 countries has decided to base himself in Sri Lanka for the foreseeable future. He made a huge impression the first time he came to MEF as a volunteer in 2015 winning volunteer of the week more times than we can count. He was welcomed back as coordinator with open arms in November 2016 by all at MEF. Volunteers are blown away by his machine like hard work and passion for the foundation. We love having him here motivating and guiding the volunteers, ensuring the best possible elephant care and volunteer experience.

Averil Pocock – Volunteer Coordinator

Averil from the UK came from a background of 7 years working as an outdoor instructor for children. She has the experience of motivating and supervising people and ensuring safety and the program guidelines are priority at all times. Averil arrived as a volunteer in January 2017 for 6 weeks, but soon had to jump in as coordinator, due to an increase in volunteers and an injury with one of our current coordinators. After being a huge help and a life saver for the volunteer program at the time of need,it was clear she would make a great addition to the team. Averil was offered the long term position and started officially as Volunteer coordinator in April 2017 and has been great support for Ryan ever since. Averil plans to be with us for the rest of 2017 and we look forward to more of her can do attitude, unique British humour and hard work : )

Amanda Vikdal – Guest Services & Elephant Management Coordinator

A walking ray of sunshine from Alaska, Amanda first came to MEF January 2016 as a volunteer and continued on a volunteer coordinator. Amanda studies conservation and wildlife at university. Luckily her course allows flexibility so she returned May 2017 to take over the elephant management and guest services. Amanda is dedicated to improving the experience for all our visitors and works along side our onsite vet assistant monitoring all medical treatments, free roaming time, behaviour studies and overall visitor experiences at MEF.

The Volunteer Dogs – Volunteer Dogs

Meet Sneaks, Milkshake, the three sisters Dotty, Terri, Beauty and former strays Polly and Stanford. Part of the MEF Team, they have a very lovely life at MEF where they get looked after by Jade, Averil, Amanda, Ryan and volunteers!

See their Facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/volunteerdogs