Maximus Elephant Dung Paper Factory produces 100% recycled handmade products from elephant dung and office waste paper manufactured in Sri Lanka. Elephants are not carnivores, so they consume a diet of fruit, veg, palm leaves, bark etc. An adult captive elephant eats 200kg of vegetation and produces around 100kg of dung a day. The elephant dung is absolutely perfect for making paper using traditional paper production by hand.

The production of the paper directly contributes to the villager’s income and a percentage of the profits go to our charity MEF (Millennium Elephant Foundation).

Maximus’ initially started in Kegalle, next to the Millennium Elephant Foundation. They now have another bigger office in Colombo, but still produce the bulk of their work in Kegalle.

Maximus won the BBC World Challenge, a global competition for small businesses that have shown enterprise and innovation. Maximus also won the Greening America “Green Leadership Award” for its efforts to build a more socially just and ecologically sustainable economy.

Maximus fully adheres to fair trade principles, paying above award wages, does not employ child labour, provides safe working conditions and is very much an environmentally conscious company.

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Some of the wonderful products (below) that Maximus Elephant Dung Paper Factory make.