Madu 26 years old born in pinawala, gifted to the Muthiyangana temple in Manayakathro. Has worked with Sanjeewa for 10 years. He is in captivity for festival purposes and as traditions have it spends half his life at Pera Hera’s.

Millennium Elephant Foundation offer Madu respite, housing food and treatment when he is not at Pera Hera’s ensuring he receives the best possible care as a captive elephant. He is a very calm natured elephant and has a lovely bond with Sanjeewa. Madu is very fond of our youngest resident elephant Pooja, so can be found flirting with her in the rice paddies or jungle area.

If you would like to contribute towards the care of Madu please choose him as your Adoptive Elephant. We would be grateful of your support.

Madu Madu-and-his-mahouts Madu-on-a-Walk