In September 2015, Kandula came to Millennium Elephant Foundation (MEF) for free veterinary treatment for severe abscesses on his back legs. Kandula who is now in his 50’s has lived most of his life at the Badulla Temple in the Uva Province.

Kandula name means strength and virtue in Sinhalese. The name Kandula is also the most famous elephant name in Sri Lankan history. The Light Infantry Regiment has had an elephant as its mascot since 1961. The mascot is always named Kandula as a tribute to the royal elephant of King Dutugemunu, who fought many battles to protect the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

Kandula is an unassuming character and very laid back. He does not have tusks, instead he has tushes which is an incisor-tooth that sticks out from the lips. Kandula also suffers from impaired vision in his left eye. Thankfully with his mahouts guidance, it makes his life a lot easier.

Kandula is expected to stay at MEF for the unforeseeable future, as his owners are very happy with the treatment and care he is receiving.

With our new Elephant Walk Experience program in place, Kandula will get to become part of this new relaxed and fun initiative.

Due to Kandula’s age, and his thick skin, his abscesses are starting to heal, but it will take time until it is fully cleared.

If you would like to adopt Kandula for one year or two, please visit our adoption page

Kandula Kandula 2 Kandula with Palm Leaves