Donations from Holland

Dutch donators can make use of discount possibilities; because MEF is a charity organisation for the Dutch Income Tax system. MEF has the so called ANBI status. This means that you don’t pay tax over the money you donate; which can save depending on your income up to about 50%.

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Tax number

RSIN = 824129076. This is the number of the Dutch taxsystem.

Name and address

Millennium Elephant Foundation.

Randeniya, Hiriwadunna, Kegalle, Sri Lanka (this is both physical and postaddress)

Telephonenumber is: +94 (0)352 26 33 77

Aim of MEF

Millennium Elephant Foundation (MEF) is situated on a 15 acre estate known as ‘Samaragiri’, which has been home to the Samarasinghe family for many generations. The family has owned elephants since the 1960’s and in 1979 Mr Sam Samarasinghe (1939 – 1991) an animal lover opened the estate to the public as the Club ConceptElephant Bath.

Millennium Elephant Foundation was founded in memory of Sam Samarasinghe, in August 1999 with the assistance of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and has been working continually to improve the care, protection and treatment of elephants in Sri Lanka by providing a place of sanctuary and medical services and facilities. Millennium Elephant Foundation is the only certified Non-profit Organisation working with captive elephants in Sri Lanka.

The aim of MEF is to improve the lives of captive elephants in Sri Lanka. The charity pays for elephant’s medicines, treatments, elephant foods, elephant rents if needed and improvements onsite which are related to the elephants.

MEF’s mission is:

  • To increase awareness about the plight of the Sri Lankan elephant.
  • To generate funds necessary for the sustenance and care of those elephants living and being treated at MEF and across Sri Lanka.
  • To rescue more captive elephants from a life of hardship.

Future plans

We are currently constructing a free roaming area for our elephants, looking at building an animal clinic next year which will provide a medical centre for elephants plus a small animal clinic for the local people who are not able to afford medical treatments for their pets.


President of the Foundation is Carminie Samarasinghe and Vice President is her son Sandith Samarasinghe. They both take on the job of Sam Samarasinghe, the founder of Millennium Elephant Fopundation, who died already. There is also a board of directors who meet quarterly.


Both the president, vice president and board of directors do not get paid any wages. Mrs Carminie Samarasinghe is retired, and Sandith Samarasinghe has a political job. There are no further employees. All the work is done by volunteers.

Actual activities

The actual activities are mainly the daily care of the elephants; providing food, daily cleaning and medical care. Sometimes the elephants are used in templeceremonies on buddhist festivals. For visitors there is an onsite museum; and possibilities to join the daily care. The whole site needs to be maintained and cleaned.


The income depends on worldwide donations and donations from volunteers. This amount is year by year uncertain. In spendings priority is given to food and medical care for the elephants, and costs for transport from elephants to buddhist ceremonies. Next in priority comes the board and lodging of volunteers (who themselves donate for). If the income is more than needed for the above daily expenses; money will go to maintenance and the fenceproject.

Figures below are approx.

For the year 2015 the estimated income will be approximately LKR 6000000.

This money will be estimately spend approx:

Medical care for the elephants LKR 30000
Food which we cannot supply ourselves LKR 225000
Maintenance for the buildings LKR 75000
Public relations and stationary LKR 15000000
Transport costs (elephants to temples for festivals) LKR 300000
Board and lodging for volunteers LKR 1500000
Free roaming enclosure project LKR 600000