Bandara joined MEF’s herd in November 2011, he is a male elephant in his thirties with no tusks. He had previously spent over 15 years working in tourism using the dangerous howdahs and also in the dreaded logging industry; developing wounds on his hips and legs from the equipment and abuse in the logging industry. Thankfully now healed. Since being at MEF he has gained weight and is a lot happier and healthier in himself.

On arrival to MEF he was reputed to have behavioural issues, caused by the ill treatment he likely received as a working elephant. However, we have seen no evidence of this bad behaviour and he seems very placid. Everyone here at MEF is very pleased at his progress, especially with the enrichment and socialising projects that are currently in place.

Bandara is a strong but very shy and private elephant. He doesn't show much emotion or characteristics like the other elephants. This could be down to the way he was treated in the logging industry. Bandara doesn’t like to have a morning bath and prefers to wait until the afternoon when it is a bit warmer and away from the public. We are hoping that with the continued love and care he will receive at MEF he will become a happier elephant, and that his personality will reflect this.

If you would like to adopt Bandara for one year or two, please visit our adoption page

Calum and Bandara

A Volunteer's Account
My time with Bandara was inspiring. Working with him and seeing his strong relationship with Banda was unbelievable and has helped me to realise that developing my relationships with animals will help in my career as a vet.

Calum Aitken, Scotland, July 2015