A unique gift that helps MEF make a difference!

You have got an opportunity to help Millennium Elephant Foundation (MEF) by becoming a member of MEF and adopting one or all of our elephants for you, a relative or a friend!

If you have already adopted one of our elephants and would like to renew for another year please visit Adoption Renew



As a MEF member you will receive:
Adopting an elephant from Millennium Elephant Foundation would make a lovely unique gift for a friend or relative. You will be helping the elephants and all of the money goes directly to looking after the elephants.The elephants that are at Millennium Elephant Foundation (MEF), currently costs around 7000 rupees (£36/$46/40 EURO) per elephant, per day to keep them here. These costs include elephant owners fees, paying the mahout’s salaries, (the elephant’s keeper) elephants food, and healthcare (daily vitamins for the elephants, vet costs, and medicines and treatments when required.)

  • Free admission to MEF for one year.
  • Adoption certificate printed on elephant dung paper.
  • Introductory letter from MEF’s President.
  • Information sheets about MEF, elephant facts and MEF projects.
  • Elephant profile and photo of your adopted elephant with details about their history and personality traits.
  • All this comes in a recycled elephant dung folder.

If you choose to adopt 3 or more Elephants (any of the below packages) you will also receive a complimentary ELEPHANT WALK EXPERIENCE with lunch for 2 people (worth 12,000 rupees) It is a great opportunity for you to come and meet the elephants you have adopted, and see them up close and personal.


Adoption Pack

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Adoption Package Details:

We have various packages available and you can choose the best option for you and how you would like to support us. We have broken the costs down so you can choose to pay for the upkeep of your chosen elephant for a day, a month or a year depending on your budget.

Below is a breakdown of all costs we incur per elephant, so you can see where your money is going. All contributions makes a huge difference. So we cannot thank you enough for your support.
Adopt one elephant for one day – Rs 7000 (£36, $46, 40 EURO)
Adopt all Elephants for one day – Rs.42,000 (£252 / $315)
Adopt one elephant for for one Month – Rs 196,000 (£990, $1280, 1125 EURO)
Adopt one elephant for one year – Rs 2,352.000 (12,000,$15,000, 14,000 EURO)

Or if you are unable to cover full costs, but still wish to contribute towards the care and upkeep of your chosen elephant you can choose specifically where you would like your funds to go. For example; elephant food, health care, owners fees or the mahouts salary.

Costs below are per elephant:

Food Cost
Daily Rs 2,565 (£13, $17,15 EURO)
Monthly Rs 78,000 (£400, $510, 450 EURO)
Annually Rs 936,000 (£4720, $6000, 5380 EURO)
 Mahout Salary
Daily Rs 1000 (£5,$6.50, 5.75 EURO)
Monthly Rs 30,000 (£150, $195, 170 EURO)
Annually Rs 360,000 (£1815, $2345, 2070 EURO)
Owners Fee
Daily Rs 2700 (£14, $18, 16 EURO)
Monthly Rs 82,000 (£,$,EURO)
Annually Rs 984,000 (£415, $535, 470 EURO)
Health Care
Daily Rs 200 (£1, $1.30, 1.15 EURO)
Monthly Rs 6000 (£35, $40, 35 EURO)
Annually Rs 72,000 (£365, $470, 415 EURO)


The daily rate is a one off cost per year and is to be paid in a single instalment.

The monthly or annual costs can be paid either as a single instalment by bank transfer or on a monthly basis via bank transfer or direct debit.

All prices include the cost of shipping the Adoption Pack.

Choose from:
Lakshmi, Pooja, Rani, Ranmenika, Raja, Kavari Raja, Saliya, Madu, Menike

Prices indicated in Sri Lankan Rupees / US dollars / British Pounds/Euros and include P&P.

Please make payment via International Bank Transfer or Direct Debit
Account Details:
Account Name: Millennium Elephant Foundation
Bank Name: Commercial Bank of Ceylon LTD
A/C No: 1210008801
Swift code: CCEYLKLX

Adoption packs are usually dispatched within 2 – 3 working days, but due to a slow postal service in Sri Lanka, please expect delivery to take 14 – 21 days.
If you are worried that the adoption pack might not arrive in time, we will send you a PDF of the adoption certificate that you can print and use until your adoption pack arrives.

Please apply to sponsor an elephant using the form at the bottom of this page, once this is received we will be in contact via email.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your adoption. Without your kind support we would struggle to provide such a vital service for the elephants at MEF.

Realistic prices

Figures below are a breakdown of costs for the care of each elephant per month.

Food Bills average 78,000 rs per elephant
Mahout Salary average 30,000 rs per elephant
Medicines, Vitamins, treatments,vet bills 6000 rs per elephant
Owners fees 82,000 rs average per elephant owner


Average cost of upkeep for one elephant for one day is approximately
= 7000 RS
£36 GBP
$46 USD
 Average cost of upkeep for one elephant for one month is approximately
=196,000 RS
£ 990 GBP
$1280 USD
1125 EURO
Average cost of upkeep for one elephant for one Year is approximately
= 2,352,000 rs
£ 12,000 GBP
$15,000 USD
14,000 EURO


Average cost of upkeep for all our elephants for one day (based on 8 elephants) is approximately
=56,000 RS
£280 GBP
$365 USD
320 EURO
Average cost of upkeep for all our elephants for one month (based on 8 elephants) is approximately
=1,600,000 RS
£800,000 GBP
$10,450 USD
9,200.00 EURO
Average cost of upkeep for all our elephants for one Year (based on 8 elephants) is approximately
=18,816,000 RS
£95,000.00 GBP
$123,000.00 USD
108,000.00 EURO



Mobile Veterinary Unit call outs plus treatments we have spent 172,424 rs in 2017
(based on May Figures)


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