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Morgan and I decided it was about time to make a new toy for the elephants to enjoy during enrichment! After a trip to the lumberyard to find some wood, we thought making a box would be a fine idea.

We wanted a box which we could tie up in a tree and hide fruit in, to see if the elephants would open up the door and find the hidden treats, so with this in mind we set to work!

Unfortunately, with our blunt saws and rusty nails, we didn’t get very far very quickly! But after a few days of hard, frustrating work we eventually had all of our wood cut and ready to make our box. Next – the task of making it into a box. After a week of some tiring hammering and tricky weaving of rope, we managed to assemble something which looked remotely box like.
















Once we made the box, we had to figure out how to get it up in the tree – it was heavier than we thought. With several people holding it up in the air, I climbed up to tie it into the tree, hoping it wouldn’t fall on their heads when they let go.




















The final result was amazing! The elephants loved it. After a bit of investigation and some cheering on from the sidelines, Pooja managed to break her way through the door and get the fruit! So all in all, our box made a brilliant toy for the elephants – until the next day when Pooja pulled it down and stomped on it. Typical!


By Jazmin Glen – MEF Volunteer