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We all know that elephants love to eat, but they have a bit of trouble distinguishing between a nice tasty palm leaf and a not-so-tasty plastic bottle (I mean, who wouldn’t, right?). To clear up the confusion, we decided to organise a communal litter pick around their elephant beds to get rid of all the rubbish that gets blown there by the wind (or left by lazy mahouts…) We also cleaned the area round the river bank, where we found all sorts of odd items like a broken umbrella, beer cans, one shoe, rubber, glass,  plastic bags and much more. It was a gloriously muddy Wednesday morning, prime weather for leeches to come say hello, so we all leech-proofed up with trousers tucked into socks and T-shirts stuffed into leggings. Gemma even put shoes on, which is a rarity here at MEF. Suffice it to say that we all looked ridiculous. Sam also got her Canada on and whittled us some state-of-the-art litter-picking sticks, which made the whole thing a lot more fun. Why pick up a bottle with your hands when you can spear it with a stick, right? We split into teams and tackled opposite ends of the beds and the river bank, one hour and lots of big bags of rubbish later we were done and the beds were sparkly clean. And not a single leech too.  Looking like a total fool works, folks. Oh well, at least the trunkies won’t be accidentally chowing down on empty washing powder packets any time soon!


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