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Nine of us set off to climb Adam’s Peak on Easter Saturday. 5,200 steps up. 5,200 steps down. We were excited despite the mammoth task ahead of us!

We began the climb at 2.30 am, our goal, to be at the top for the 6.30 am sunrise.

We walked, we crawled, we climbed, we stopped for tea, we battled with the other pilgrims on the strenuous steps, and then we queued. It being Easter weekend, people young and old were out in their droves. The queue to reach the summit of Adam’s Peak was two hours long!


We were above the clouds, we could see how far we had come and daylight began to flood our eyes. We were determined not to miss the main event. We battled hard. Pushed and wormed our way to the top. We did not fail. Shortly after 6.20 am on Saturday March 30th on the steps to the peak we saw the sun rise. It was immense!

The views were stunning and all nine of us were beyond proud. In turn we all rang the bell to indicate our achievement. And then we turned around and made our descent in the early morning Sri Lankan sun.

Coming down was easier, but not an easy task in any way! Our knees hurt. Our legs trembled like jelly, but we were spurred on by our accomplishment. One by one we reached the final steps. Delighted and exhausted we slept all the way back to MEF.

A few days on now and were are all suffering from post APL – Post Adam’s Peak Legs! Soon the aches and pains will subside, but we will remember that morning forever.