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This weekend 7 of us headed off on a day trip white water rafting to Kitulgala. We set off from MEF to the Kelaniya Ganga, the river that runs through Kitulgala, and which is fast becoming the adrenalin sports capital of Sri Lanka.

Meeting our tour guide along the way, he proceeded to haul two rafts on to the roof of his tuk tuk to transport them to our starting point on the river. This is rafting Sri Lankan style!
We spent the next few hours braving the rapids, paddling hard and trying our best not to fall into the water.  Thankfully none of us did, until we reached a lull in the river and someone got pushed out! We all soon followed of our own accord.

The Oscar winning movie Bridge on the River Kwai was filmed here, and the actual railway carridges from the film lie at the bottom of the river. As we drifted along it felt like we were in our own little movie – and to add some of our own special effects, there was intense thunder and fork lightening that afternoon. Some might say it was pure bliss!
Tired, a little weary and wet we stopped for something to eat on our way home, some lamenting the fact that they hadn’t brought a dry change of clothes.