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To celebrate St. Patricks day here at MEF, we held an Irish quiz to test people’s knowledge of Ireland and celebrate all things Irish!
We all got together, some wearing green especially for the occasion. Sadly there was no Guinness to get us in the mood, but there was plenty of Sri Lankan Lion Lager on hand as a substitute!

Shockingly one team did think Ireland and England were connected by land, obviously they never got the memo that Ireland is an island!!

25 tough questions later the winners emerged, aptly named “The Green Team”. When compiling the quiz, we thought the questions were pretty easy. In hindsight we should have made things a lot simpler!

I think it’s safe to say we all had a great night. We even brought a tri colour, face paints and badges from back home to paint Sri Lanka and MEF green for the night!

Susan & Karen.