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The eco-farm has been super busy this week. Volunteers have been working hard alongside our resident gardener with super human powers-“Chesty”! Chillies and Aubergines had been left to germinate in the safety of the tool shed and were ready to be planted. We also took cuttings from one of our mature Wild Potato plants and created 5 new beds with the shoots. After bedding down the saplings in some nutrient-rich compost, we surrounded them with leafy twigs. This is to protect the young plants from direct sunlight for a few days as they have not yet been exposed to sunshine and could easily dry out.

Over the next couple of weeks we have plenty more seeds to plant… Beans, White Cucumbers, Carrots, Pumpkins, Corn, Beetroot, Cabbage, Melons and more. The harvests will be used to supply the fruit shop with fresh fruit & veg and used in the Elephant Enrichment Programme. Produce will also help to feed the ever-hungry volunteers!

Working alongside “Chesty” and under the guidance of Senna, volunteers are able to learn traditional farming methods they would not learn anywhere else. It’s amazing what you can produce without using a single chemical!

By ensuring that the Eco-farm is working efficiently and productively will help the Millennium Elephant Foundation to become more self-sufficient and sustainable. Money that would otherwise be spent on buying-in produce can go towards helping another elephant.

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