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Whilst volunteering in Sri Lanka this summer I was set a bit of a challenge to paint a mural on the outside wall! I studied art in college but have never done something on such a big scale before so was terrified of messing it up! I gave it a go, and thankfully after a few monsoons a lot of ant colonies and the odd spider it turned out quite well !

The mural had been designed by a local artist and had just never been painted onto the wall, I started by measuring out the seven sections of the mural, and then penciling it on. We found some weatherproof paint which was essential when painting outside in monsoon season and thankfully it dried quite fast!










With some help from other volunteers we made a makeshift rain cover, with rocks and sheets of plastic. The first time it rained was a very tense moment, but luckily the paint never ran ! The only problem I did have was that ants kept crawling into the paint and spreading it everywhere !

I only had two weeks to finish it before I went home, but it was finished in good time with help from Ceri who helped me rub out meters of pencil lines ! And lots of motivation from all the other volunteers! I added personal touches when I got the chance, including some of my favourite faces ! On this one me and Ceri are on the elephant and Stu’s being a mahout so we will all be on the wall forever, hopefully !


A lot of people stopped and asked me what I was doing on their way to see the elephants, and here’s me with a couple of fans !

It was quite stressful, and I had a few little mistakes, a few elephants might be a bit too fat, but I finished it and was quite proud of myself! Hopefully people will notice it, and it will make the MEF stand out !


















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