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Today was the 4th of July, Independence day for the Americans. Emily and I, both American, decided to throw an independence party at lunch today. We made homemade (flameless) fireworks and provided some snacks and a show for all the volunteers—even non americans. We spent part of yesterday and all morning today getting ready. We ripped up colored paper into confetti and stuffed it into balloons so that we could pop them in the air for the firework show. Lunch was also a special event, the only time we have ever been served french fries and hot dogs. As someone who lives near Washington, DC, July 4th is a very big day for me at home, and to be able to celebrate it here with so many new friends from various cultures made me feel much less sad to be away from the celebrations at home.

Independance Day celebrations by Volunteers at Millennium Elephant Foundation, Sri Lanka


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