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The past couple of months I have spent here in Sri Lanka, has opened my eyes. The people here are incredible people. Many of them live in mud huts, walk miles everyday and work long hours under the hot sun to feed their families. Many of them have experienced loss, that we may not ever come to understand. Through times of war and the tsunami disaster, many people here in Sri Lanka have lost their homes, families, friends, and have seen things that we can’t even imagine. But yet, I have never witnessed such a happiness within people as I have here, surrounded by smiles, kindness and gratitude. People that will invite you into their homes, feed you, care for you, and in return, only wish to see you happy. Just last week, a local fisherman brought us a delicious meal of freshly caught fish that his wife had so kindly cooked for us. And all he wanted was to return to his wife and when she asks, be able to say ‘yes, they were happy’.

Coming from what now seems like another world, it is this simple, grateful being, that seems so fragile and rare. Experiencing life here, amongst these incredible people has opened my eyes to, not so much a new way of life, but one so easily forgotten when caught up in the circus of modern society. It has reminded me to be thankful. Thankful for all the simple things in life. The sun rising each morning, a smile from a stranger, the sound of laughter, tears of joy, the closeness of a friend, the love of your family, an answered prayer.

It is these simple things that grant you happiness. Life is what you make it. Make yours extraordinary!



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