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During enrichment afternoons the elephants are given a chance to interact with each other. This week there have been some very lovely moments between them that I have been lucky enough to catch on camera.

A few days ago, whilst the mahouts were all posing for a photograph in their new tshirts, Lakshmi and Raja were in the river together. We turned around to see that Lakshmi had approached Raja and was stroking his face and tusks with her trunk. It was as if to say ‘hey, havent seen you face in a while, how ya doin?’. Raja has recently come out of ‘musth’ (a period of increased testosterone, that can make them aggressive), so has been kept at a distance from the group for the past month or so. So this moment was seen to us as a bit of a reunion for the two of them.

Raja and Lakshmi of Millennium Elephant Foundation

It is well know here at the MEF that Pooja and Rani have a close friendship. Today during enrichment, they shared a moment together socialising, rubbing trunks and each other faces in kind, affectionate gestures.

Rani and best friend Pooja at Millennium Elephant Foundation Sri Lanka

For all at the MEF, these moments are precious and are a snippet of what their lives will be, once we have our dream elephant enclosure, the FREEDOM FENCE. It will be incredible to witness them sharing more free time, to socialise, play and interact together. The enclosure will give the elephants here a completely new and better life.

To help make this dream a reality, please join many hard working volunteers and people dedicated to making a difference to the lives of these elephants, in donating to our justgiving page!

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