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Hi everyone-

My name is Amie and for the last six months I have been the volunteer coordinator of MEF, just a quick update to let you know what’s happening- so I’m heading home to  the UK, my passport will soon run out but more exciting is that friends of mine are getting married so I’m home for a while attending weddings! Getting dressed up is going to feel very strange!

I hope to be back as soon as I can- I miss the elephants and my Sri Lankan family already but while at home I will do as much fundraising as possible and meeting people that I hope can help us achieve the ‘Freedom Fence’ and also continuing to raise awareness about the dangers of the Howdah. I will also continue to do the volunteer recruitment and web updates.

The last six months have been great, we have seen some real progress and developments at MEF, thanks to our supporters such as yourselves and the hard working volunteers- I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people- Sri Lankan, volunteers from all over the world and abroad when I attended the PAWS captive elephant conference in Oakland USA where I learnt so much and met some inspiring people- legends of the elephant world!

I have temporarily left the project in the very safe and capable hands of Wayne and Halina from AWF and an excellent team of volunteers! They are very driven, passionate and creative, making my job very easy but also even more difficult to leave! I will still be in touch with emails, phone calls and skype (I will feel like the wizard of Oz!) and can’t wait to see some of the exciting things that they are working on! Thanks you guys for making my last few days (for a while) so fun!