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At the end of our volunteering stint.  So so sad to go,my husband and I have been very fortunate to meet some fantastic volunteers from around the globe, mahouts and staff at MEF.

Our daily chores included, counting elephant poo and hurling it onto a pile, great workout, who needs dumbells when you can have “dungbells”.

Followed by bathing  and exfoliating the elephant, awesome experience and very refreshing with the hot environment.

Gardening with your fellow volunteers proved to be a nice outdoor bonding time and quite therapeutic for the sole.

Grass cutting proved to be the most eventful.  We later hid the grass in a large paddock and watched our elephants at the end of the day mingle together and chew on their found grass cutting.  Really lovely to see the mahouts, elephants and volunteers come together after a hard day, very rewarding.

Some days included English teaching which again was very rewarding, I think for both us and the children, even if they did spend most of the time laughing at us.

Anyway as mentioned this is our last day, we will miss every aspect of our role as a volunteer here and can’t wait to adopt our first elephant.


Julie and Paul (Australian & Kiwi)




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