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We want you to appreciate these amazing pachyderms and why we need to save them!


Bathe the elephants in the river!



In an effort to increase awareness about the plight of the Sri Lankan elephant and to generate the funds necessary for our elephant’s sustenance and care and fund the the other projects that we operate all over Sri Lanka the MEF actively welcomes visitors.


On your visit to MEF you may like to…

  • Wash and feed the elephants
  • Take an elephant shower
  • Journey on an elephant safari around the estate
  • Visit our on-site museum
  • Chat with our experienced multilingual guides and volunteers, our guides are also very happy to take photographs and videos for you at no extra cost
  • Feed the elephants a fruit plate and further support our projects (200 rupees per plate) all profits go directly into funding medicines and sponsorship of elephants here
  • Enjoy refreshment’s or a meal at the Club Concept restaurant located opposite the MEF
  • Or just sit back and relax and spend as much time as you like watching the elephants

We hope that by getting up close and personal with these amazing creatures and learning about them in our museum that you will go away with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the elephant and appreciate that we must all do everything that we can to protect and save these magnificent animals.

All activities at the MEF are closely supervised to ensure visitor safety and to ensure that no harm or stress is placed on our elephants. We practice responsible tourism and you will ride the elephants bare back or on a cushion as this is best for the elephants, we regularly treat elephants with severe wounds caused by the wearing of Howdah’s! Please also note that there is NO SMOKING permitted inside the sanctuary.

Visitors should be aware that the elephants at the MEF are not all owned by the MEF and so the number of resident elephants can vary throughout the year.


We are very happy to accommodate film crews wishing to explore the issues surrounding elephants, and to interact with the animals living here. We are able to stage-manage most scenarios for film and documentary makers.

Over the years, journalists and authors alike have visited the MEF wishing to learn more about the plight of elephants in Sri Lanka. If you are interested in filming here please e-mail us for more details.

Dining and catering

Club Concept restaurant, also owned and managed by the Samarasinghe family, is located directly opposite the MEF.  The restaurant is open daily between 8am for 9.30pm and offers snacks and full meals in both Eastern and Western styles. The restaurant has capacity for large parties and individual travelers. Currently being refurbished!



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