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So Sumuna has made it safely through her first night in the frame built around her for support, she’s eating well and we have just collected fresh grass to get her through the rest of the day.

It took the best part of the afternoon to construct the frame which gives her support at the side and underneath. Although its doing a good job for now there are plans to move her to a more comfortable area later today.

I’m remebering the aching arms now having helped to wsh Pooja last night and this morning. I’m taking it as a sign I’m doing ok that her mahoot did not go over the area I had just spent 15 mins on again! He does the delicate areas around her face and feet and we do the back and sides – luckily the tail area also counts as a mahoot only area so no chance of getting caught by the regular poo balls!

Its my last day today – leaving at 9am for the airport tomorrow so hoping I have done enough in 2 days to earn a good elephant shower and ride this afternoon – fingers crossed!!

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