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We watched the rain come down hard, it cooled down fast and began to thunder and lightning. The mahouts hurried to put the elephants away and tried to beat the rain, not a success. We sat, and we enjoyed the storm. The rain fall is unbelievable here. It comes down heavy and it comes down fast. The river filled up quick and the water level rose; I see why they call it the flooding season. I felt like the mahouts were taking a bit too long and i started getting nervous. I noticed my mahout yell to Sumana’s mahout and then i saw him run out back to where she was, right then.. i knew something was wrong. The rest of the mahouts made their way out back and i was waiting for someone to relay the message i knew was coming. Sumana had fallen again. We have moved her bed, she is no longer down in the front by herself. She is with the others on higher ground. I was thankful for this because once the flooding comes, she needs to be on high ground as she cannot move quick enough to walk out of harms way. We got the word, and all rushed up to help. There was only about 5 of us, the others are hiking Adam’s Peak. We saw Sumana, collapsed, looking weak again. I was thankful this time that there was rain. I always want to help, and I know my Mahout knows this, so he always calls me to help him with whatever he is doing. We tried to lift Sumana enough to put tires underneath her, or anything we could find to keep her from lying flat. He took me with him and Sumanas mahout and Amy ran to the carpenter’s house. We were running in the rain, not sure of where we were going or what we were to do there. We got to his house and ran out back, we had taken rice bags with us and we all rushed to fill them with saw dust. We filled 5 bags, as quickly as one could imagine, and we threw them on our shoulders and ran back. My mahout had two bags, with the rest of us with one. Such a panic situation, we moved fast and didn’t think of ourselves. We made it back and put the bags near Sumana. They tried to lift her again, about 10 men, and we were pushing the bags underneath her. Imagine this in pouring rain, in the jungle, slipping on mud and feeling the heat. It was intense. We didnt know what to expect from her. We called Ruan and he came rushing over on his motorcycle. We called the vet and he drove back down from Kandy, an hour later. By this time it was dark. We decided to take a break, let Sumana rest, set up some lights for the vet to see and build her shelter from the rain. Once the vet arrived, he set up a drip. It was for her pain and to give her energy. I stole 6 bananas from dinner and offered them to her, i figured it would help her get some energy. We helped in whatever way we could, I stood holding the intervenes drip until it was gone and others held torches for the vets. After about 3 and half hours, and after the vet left, we decided to let her rest again for the night. The vet said she had not slept in 10 days and that her wounds were causing her much pain. Also, with the storm, the lightning frightened her, she went into shock and that is when she fell. It was a long night,

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