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Ayo Bowan (Hello) from Kendra and Laura

So we’ve just completed our first week at MEF and we’ve probably hurled about 250 Elephants poo balls so far. Many more to come for Laura! Hahahaha! Definitely worked off any possibility of bingo wings with all the washing of Lakshmi. Certainly felt the whip of her tail and stink of her farts.  But despite the mess, smells and bugs we’ve really enjoyed looking after our baby Lakshmi (A film star!!).

Met two wonderful volunteers who showed us the ropes, Barbara and Angela, inspirations to us all. Their baby, Rani was only with them a week as she was whisked off to have an important role in a Parahera festival in Kandy (happening only once a year for 6 days). We were lucky enough to be taken along to Kandy University one night and met the vets who are part of the Millennium vetinary unit. They attend festivals to ensure the elephants and the public’s safety in case an elephant would misbehave or become too stressed from the noise and lights.

We were very proud of Rani, when she walked through the street she looked amazing, covered in a cloak of blue lights and a white box on her back symbolizing Buddhism in that region of Kandy. We saw her after her parade through the streets. She was very happy getting her whole bunch of bananas as a treat and the vets ensured us that she wasn’t stressed from all the kafuffle.

Other than these opportunities we have been very busy. We got a tour of the elephant poo paper factory next door and saw how it is squashed down into amazing colours and makes lovely books and notepads (gifts galore).We visited Pinnawala elephant sanctuary up the road (almost getting lost on the way) and saw a three legged elephant. That broke our heart but we later learnt that she had one foot blown off by a mine in the North, and had been given a prosthetic leg but had rejected it. Happy and proud that she was a survivor we think.

Later in the week, our very talented baby, Lakshmi painted a beautiful picture for us, it looked like a red arrow with green sky and land. Van Gogh would be jealous of her talent. Lakshmi was also the first in Sri Lanka to give birth to a domesticated elephant, Pooja who also lives at MEF and is very popular, loving to play around and give elephant baths to anybody brave enough to get in the water with her.

Estouti (Thank You) xx

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