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Well Week 6 here at MEF and still having the Best time ever!! Whilst helping look after 4 week old puppies at Dogstar, i actually had a shower by my Elephant Madhu on Tuesday! How cool is that!  It was just a normal day, went to clean and de-poop Madhu’s bed, went down to the river for a normal bath time.  As we were about finished i asked Sanjeeva for a group photo and he asked if we wanted to sit on Madhu and suddenly gave us a shower. It was amazing and probably the best fun iv ever had! Becki and I got completely soaked and Sanjeeva just laughed at us the whole time. Then it was back to bath time =)

A new arrival to MEF! We have another Tusker elephant at MEF now. His name is Singha Raja, it means Prince. He is big but not as big as Raja our other Tusker. He has come to us as he has broken his leg after a fall. At the moment he is just chilling out in the river and getting fed. He looks lovely and could be quite a nice elephant for a man to work with as Tusker elephants have to work with males. I hope he is now with us for a long time at MEF!

Shower Time Mel and Becki Love Madhu =)
Hello Im here.......
Hello Im Here......
Chilling In The River, Poorly Leg =(

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