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With the sun out the volunteers can get well and truly stuck into revamping the museum and repairing the flood damage, painting has had to wait because of the rain but the museum is now lovely, fresh and sparkling white again. Lakshmi has a lovely open bed now and a good view of Raja who has now entered his phase of musth, another male for her to tease! Lakshmis bed was finished just in time as the musth cycle makes the boys a bit boisterous and he threw a few sticks at us, he has an excellent aim and throwing trunk.
We have had a sad day losing 4 volunteers to continue their adventures and we wish them all well. We marked the occasion with a game of ‘shot poo’. Simon is the one fr new volunteers to beat with a distance of 58ft! Chandana wanted to play but instead threw the poo at us, cheeky as ever!

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