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All my hoping paid off and the sun has finally arrived! and is making up for lost time, it’s really scorching hot and the elephants need lots of time in the river to keep cool.

Yesterday was busy, even though it was Poya day MEF stays open for business as usual and we received a big group of French tourists who ate lunch at the house with Carmini after watching the exciting events of the morning – an elephant race, which Madhu won by a country mile and elephant painting – Lakshmi showed off her skills in exchange for a few lemon puffs.

In the afternoon some volunteers went with the vet team to the Pera Hera, the second of two parades taking place in celebration of the Poya day and the rest of us began to tackle the walls of Lakshmi’s bed – in the mornings the old leaves and bits of wood that she hasn’t eaten are piled up around her bed and had reached colossal heights so we were tasked with pulling them back down to size, which was no small task when competing with well packed composting leaves, leeches, spiders, snakes etc etc etc. but aided by good boots gloves and mamotees we made admirable progress and pulled down most of one side. The hard work continued today and will continue tomorrow…

Marie, volunteer

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