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On Wednesday night the river burst its banks. All the elephants were moved to high ground where they would be safe and a couple of the MEF dogs took refuge in the volunteers bungalow for the night  (and took some persuading to leave afterwords!) The water rose above the museum steps and the mahout’s hut was completely flooded, the water even demolished part of their wall.

We spent Thursday morning shoveling mud and clearing debris. The steps down to the river were completely covering in sand which had to be moved. The museum was hosed out and by the early afternoon everything was starting to look a bit more normal. The mahout’s had even rebuilt their wall. The river rose dangerously high again Thursday afternoon but did not quite break it’s banks again. Sumana’s bed was moved to outside the volunteer bungalow for a couple of nights just in case. We could hear her swishing leaves and munching away in the night.

It’s continued to rain persistently since but hasn’t flooded again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the dry season sets in soon…

Marie, MEF Volunteer

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