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I’m starting my fouth week at MEF and I can’t believe how fast it’s gone, I’ve loved every minute so far and I’m glad I don’t leave for another 9 weeks. Every morning I wake up and it’s light and warm and I go and clear Rani”s bed and give her a wash with her mahout. I work up a really good appetite for breakfast every day and then after gardening for 2 hours I really enjoy a cold shower to cool myself down.

Yesterday Rani and Pooja were enjoying each others company whilst having a rest in the afternoon. It was really sweet to watch them twining their trunks together and sharing some coconut leaves. It’s lovely to see each elephant’s personality and amazing how you can tell what sort of mood they’re in each day. A few times I’ve walked down to Rani’s bed in the morning and she’s holding her trunk in her mouth and looks as though she’s still fast asleep, other times she’ll be happily swaying away waiting for us to take her for her morning bath. Every day I see something new and I feel so lucky to be here

Marie, Volunteer

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