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Today is totally emotional. I’ve been here at MEF for 3 weeks.  I have had the best time learning about my elephant Rani and her jokester mahout Chandana.  I have loved every minute of my time spent with them as well as making a lot  of great new friends. Gardening with Mr Caru  in the eco garden was fun and never failed to make us a good laugh.  I have been a hit with the mahouts, this is because I have a bottle of chinese  linoment which they have been lining up for it to be applied to different aches and pains.  Club Concept always provided a great choice of meals and a place a have a drink and chat.

It’s another world to Brisbane Australia, the pace some what slower but we are on Sri Lanka time ,which when you get in the swing of it is nice for a holiday.

I can recommend MEF as a great volunteer experience and remember when on holidays always pack your sense of humour.

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