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After a long flight from England I finally arrived at the Millennium Elephant Foundation. I was nervous but was welcomed by smiling faces of the elephants, other volunteers, the Mahouts and Mo. She showed me around the house I would be staying in which was actually better then i expected and introduced me to my room mates.

I was introduced to Rani the beautiful elephant I would be working with for the 4 weeks I am here and was shown around the place. This week I have counted dung balls, been involved in the vet rounds and washed and cleaned Rani. I met some of the local women and  children when I went with the other Volunteers to teach an English lesson at the local school and played some fun games. The locals are so friendly and they make a huge effort to show us all around their villages, towns and homes.

Yesterday I visited a rubber plantation and walked up to a shrine and laid on a hot rock watch fairies (aka fireflies) with the lovely people from Dogstar. It has been a fantastic first week and I am looking forward to visiting the cultural triangle this weekend.


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