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The Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project (AEACP) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to saving the diminishing number of Asian elephants left on our planet through its work with domesticated elephants. The AEACP raises funds through donations and the sale of artwork created by elephants in order to fulfill its mission

The Millennium Elephant Foundation is working with The Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project (AEACP) to raise funds for the care of the elephants at MEF and provide an unusual but fun additional enrichment activity.

Lakshmi painting in October 2009

David Ferris from the AEACP visited MEF in 2009 to teach Lakshmi and Rani how to paint , both elephants enjoy their daily painting sessions although sometimes more paint ends up on theie trunk rather than the paper!

you can see a selection of Lakshmi’s art work HERE  and Rani’s HERE